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Ghost Stories of Reigate

Ghost Stories of Reigate

It’s nearly Halloween; the time for costumes, sticky treats and ghost stories! Although probably guaranteed to be legends or hearsay, we thought we’d explore some of the town’s most haunted property tales. Would you still visit these buildings after hearing these ghost stories of Reigate?

Reigate Priory


Credit – David Griffiths

The park is allegedly home to a ghostly deer that haunts the local woodland. It’s been spotted several times by various parties in the past and although it doesn’t seem the scariest of haunting manifestations, it has been known to spook many locals. A phantom 12th century priest is also said to haunt the Reigate Priory itself and has been sighted in the museum’s corridors.

St Mary’s Church


Credit – Ian Capper

The beautiful, historic church, which could date back to the twelfth century, is a cornerstone of the local community. However, this building features in Reigate’s very own Ghost Walk which showcases the phantom sightings around the town. It’s said that a Mrs Bell first heard a choir singing inside the building in 1975 late in the evening although inside was pitch black and the church had been locked up. Bemused, Mrs Bell returned home only to see a ghostly figure appear in front of her a few days later wearing a wedding dress. This is the first occurrence of several anecdotes from a variety of residents close by to the area – many people have heard the sounds of singing when passing the vacant building but only a handful of people have met the woman in the gown. Other stories here include several people witnessing a child, dressed in a pinafore, skipping round the church’s graves before vanishing into the night. Spooky.

Wray Farm


More ghost stories in Reigate are set at Wray Farm where a number of ghosts are told about this property, some estimating a total of three ghouls floating around. The general agreement appears to feature a man wearing riding boots who sits with one or two females by the fireplace. We just hope that the riding boots aren’t the only thing he’s wearing!

Knights Department Store


Credit – Ian Capper

The iconic department store on Bell Street has had great interest in the past from ghost hunters in the area. The local Sussex Paranormal Society visited the store in 2008 as part of their many investigations in the area where they organised a spooky seance. The group experienced the paranormal talking to them and a 10-year-old boy named Tommy shared his story; he was apparently murdered in the hotel which was present in the store’s location previously. The merchandise in the shop is also rumoured to move around during the night courtesy of a mischievous poltergeist who’s simply messing around.

Reigate Caves


Credit – Dominic Alves

A group of ghost hunters ventured down into the caves in 2013. “Hats were blown off, hands were moved and people were pushed to the floor by unexplained forces” says Chris Madden of the Surrey Mirror who spoke to them at the time. A medium sensed ghostly spirits and a table even started spinning in front of their eyes (there was video footage of this event online although it has since disappeared – ooh eeh ooh).

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Do you have more ghosts stories of Reigate to tell? Share them with us below!


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