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How’s your Kerb Appeal?

How’s your Kerb Appeal?

Its officially summer making Kerb Appeal more important than ever. We all know you never get a second chance to make a first impression so you need to make it count.

A potential buyer arrives for a viewing and will typically wait at the front door for around 30 seconds while the agent struggles with the lock or for the home owner to open the door.  This gives them ample time to take in their surroundings, making the presentation of the front of your house is really important.  So what can you do to impress them?


They’ll be concentrating on the front of the house so make sure all paint work is in good order, windows are clean, curtains are symmetrical, the letter box and door number polished and the garden is tidy and well maintained.   One or two tubs of colourful flowers by the front door make a cheery welcome and are eye catching from the street.

If you have off street parking, invite the potential buyers to pull up and park there.  There’s nothing better than making them feel like they’re driving up and arriving at their new home.

If you live in a block of flats you probably have little control over the condition of decoration in the common ways but you can make a conscious effort to keep them clean and tidy.  If the carpet isn’t vacuumed regularly enough its worth considering biting the bullet and doing it yourself and you only need do it up to your own front door.  If the entrance is littered with leaflets for pizza delivery get a bin or recycling box to put them in.  Everyone will start using it and this simple addition to the common ways gives the impression of a sense of community and tenants working together within the block.

Lastly let your neighbours know you’re selling and ask for their cooperation in keeping the area tidy and well maintained.  After all, everyone benefits when you sell for the highest possible price.