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Is it all about the lifestyle?

Is it all about the lifestyle?

One of the most important aspects of the purchasing process that our clients go through is how the property will meet their lifestyle needs. This is particularly the case for many of our ‘commuter clients’ – city workers who have their main or second property in our lovely country side and town locations.

So, what exactly are the lifestyle issues people consider?

Well, as you can imagine, many questions are pretty obvious:

– Are the right – good – schools nearby?

– How long is the commute?

– Is it near the right transport links?

– Is it in a  quiet area?

– Does it have good technology infrastructure (or, how fast is the broadband and can I get 4G signal)?

And some are more personal:

– Are there parks or open spaces nearby?

– How big is the garden?

– Is there space for all our leisure equipment (or, where can I safely store my £3000 carbon fibre bike)?

– Where is the nearest golf course/tennis course/swimming pool?

– Is there a cinema or shopping centre nearby?

– Does my favourite supermarket deliver or is there one nearby?

– How easy is it get to the kids dance, music, football, horse riding, cricket or drum lessons?

Why do we mention this? We’re working on the search function on our website, to try and integrate more of these lifestyle features, so you can get a better idea of what’s available near the property you’re falling in love with.

Stay tuned for updates and do let us know what’s important to you at – who knows, we might be able to include your suggestion too!