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10 facts you probably didn’t know about East Grinstead

10 facts you probably didn’t know about East Grinstead

We can guarantee that most people know all about Winnie the Pooh’s Ashdown Forest and the town’s mentions in Monty Python’s Flying Circus, but here’s a list of ten lesser known facts to test your knowledge on. Let us know how many you got in the comments.

The statue outside Sackville College is of a famous plastic surgeon

Archibald McIndoe Howard Cundey

Credit – Peter Trimming

It’s in honour of Sir Archibald McIndoe – a groundbreaking New Zealander who practiced plastic surgery at the Queen Victoria Hospital. He worked for the RAF during WW2 aiding the treatment of aircrew suffering from bad burns cases

You can be in the East and Western hemispheres at the same time!

East Grinstead Greenwich

Credit – Karen Roe

The Greenwich Meridian line actually runs through the Town Council’s building meaning that staff can be in different hemispheres depending on where they are inside. You can stand or lie over the line and have parts of your body in each time hemisphere.

East Grinstead is a great place to retire

East Grinstead Howard Cundey Pensioners

Credit – Karen Beate Nøsterud

This year, Prudential, a financial services company, examined all eighty six counties in the UK. They discovered that West Sussex comes in the top ten, weighing in at at an impressive number eight for pensioner well-being.

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West Grinstead is 45 minutes away

You read that correctly, there is a West Grinstead but it’s a fair distance away and in a South Westerly direction of East Grinstead, roughly 21 miles and the other side of Crawley


People live longer here

East Grinstead Howard Cundey


The European Health Report 2015 suggests that the people of our town and the rest of the south east have a longer life expectancy; 79.1 years is the average for Scottish residents whereas the UK’s South East is a much longer 82.2 years.

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The town is celebrity central

Howard Cundey Celebrity

Credit – Steve Slater

Well sort of! Every man and his dog knows about the Andres’ associations with the town but some unlikely sightings have occurred in the past including Tom Cruise, Ross Noble, Jimmy Page, Dame Judi Dench, Ben Elton, Jonathan Ross, Billie Piper, Benedict Cumberbatch… the list goes on and on!


A prime minister once got married here

Saint Swithun East Grinstead

..although it was a very long time ago in 1790! The Parish Church of Saint Swithun East Grinstead hosted the marriage of Spencer Percival and wife Jane. He ran the country from the 4th of October 1809 until his death on the 11th of May 1812 when he was assassinated – the only British PM to ever suffer that fate.

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Monty Python’s biggest fan lives here

Monty Python Howard Cundey

Credit: cinemasterpieces

His name is John and he’s watched Spamalot sixteen times, seen their show four times at the O2 (in a single month), met all the members and been profiled in a book about super-achievers for his passion.

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You can go ‘glamping’ here


Credit – James Lee

Yoghurt Rooms in the nearby Busses Farm offer a glamorous camping experience for those of us who want to escape to the countryside but aren’t too keen on the traditional tent accommodation! Whilst becoming particularly popular among celebrities in the last few years, local residents only have to drive 10mins from the center of town to ‘glamp’ at the farm and enjoy a beautiful night under the stars (sort of).

East Grinstead was mentioned in the Domesday Book


Whilst the 13th century saw the town founded as a borough, East Grinstead was featured in the Domesday Book in 1086 and appeared as twelve ‘holdings’ known as the East Grinstead Hundred.



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