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That Time of the Year..

Around about this time last year we were busily preparing our submissions for the Sunday Times Awards. Those went rather well, as you may know, as we won an award for our social media marketing. Not that we do it because we want an award, per se, or that we think we deserve one. Or because we’re in it for the glory. No, we actually do it for the team. We want our guys and girls to be proud of the fact that they work for Howard Cundey. Because we’re very proud that they work with us.

And so we find ourselves, at this time of year, once again looking over the last twelve months and asking what we did well, what we didn’t do so well, and what we can learn from. Overall; business has been good. We’ve sold more houses than last year. Our team has gotten better at what they do, thanks to investments in training and infrastructure. Our commercial arm is going gangbusters, although many would argue that’s due to an improving economy. Our marketing seems to be resonating better and the number of positive testimonials we’ve received is on the up too.

But we’ve had some, well, complaints too. Sometimes our internal communication isn’t up to scratch. Sometimes clients just haven’t gelled with our sales people. Sometimes things have just gone plain pear shaped.

So as we, the board, sit here and draft our submission for this year’s Sunday Times Awards we have to take all that into consideration. But, and here’s the thing, we couldn’t even do that if it wasn’t for you, and your feedback. Your voices have been louder than ever, and we’ve really appreciated it. Used to be that we had no idea what our clients we’re thinking. We think of those as the Dark Ages. With email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and everything else out there there’s no reason for you not to tell us what you think anymore. And we love it. Well, sometimes we love it. But we always appreciate it. Thank you.

Keep it up please, because without you we wouldn’t be trying to be better. And we wouldn’t win any awards.