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What can you expect from this year’s Edenbridge Bonfire?

The Edenbridge Bonfire is a huge, local event that the town has become famous for. It appears to grow in size and popularity annually, attracting an enormous number of people who make the trip to watch the proceedings take place. We spoke to the society that runs the event to see what we can expect on November the 7th:


 Huge Fireworks

Like every other year, the Edenbridge Bonfire is promising huge fireworks which never fail to impress. They aim to kick off in the Bonfire Field at 8pm depending on how long the crowds take to assemble. Tickets can be purchased from Pipers Florist, D&M News or The Swan pub in advance or on the gate on the night.


A Brand New Celebrity Guy

One of the highlights of the Edenbridge Bonfire is the infamous effigies who suffer a fiery fate every year. Edenbridge is well known for its comic take on the Guys, opting for the traditional Guy Fawkes plus a ‘celebrity’ companion. In the past, we’ve seen Lance Armstrong, Katie Hopkins, Tony Blair, Wayne Rooney, Jonathan Ross and many more burned but the famous face to brace the bonfire in 2015 is being kept top secret! 

This year, the Guys will be larger than ever thanks to some brand new skeleton frames. Bookmaker William Hill is even running odds on the celebrity’s identity:

3/1 Sepp Blatter; 5/1 Vladimir Putin; 8/1 Stuart Lancaster; 9/1 Nicola Sturgeon; 10/1 Jeremy Corbyn; 10/1 Kim Jong Un; 12/1 David Cameron; 12/1 Donald Trump; 16/1 Zayn Malik; 20/1 Jeremy Clarkson; 20/1 Nigel Farage; 20/1 Craig Joubert; 25/1 Justin Bieber; 33/1 Josie Cunningham; 33/1 Julian Assange; 33/1 EL James

You can vote for who it should be on the Society’s website here:


 80 Hard Working Volunteers Helping Out

edenbridge bonfire howard cundey

The Bonfire Society is inviting local people to take part in the festival working behind the scenes to see the event from a different angle. They’re seeking eighty locals to spare just a few hours in exchange for free entry to the fireworks and a drink in one of the local pubs! They’ve had many people come forward already but if you’d like to be involved and can spare a small amount of time, you can contact the organisers at  


 Roads Closures

All roads in and out of Edenbridge will be closed from 6.00pm until the procession finishes and the crowds clear, if you’re looking to drive to the event, head for the car parks at the Edenbridge Leisure Centre TN8 5LU and the Market Yard TN8 5BA before that time!


The Four Elms School float winning the Whitmore Challenge Cup… maybe!


Howard Cundey are proud to sponsor the Four Elms School float again this year who are determined to take first place in the competition after winning The Junior Cup (and coming runners-up in The Kiwi Cup) last time round. They will be attending with a brand new themed float this year but we aren’t allowed to give you any hints!


Other than that, the procession starts at around 6:30pm when the torch lit procession tour ventures through town composed of about 500 people. The Bishop of the Bonfire will take the lead followed by the effigies and choirboys. The procession makes its way to the Recreation Ground with food, stalls, rides and music. The fireworks kick off at around 8pm and the Guys are burned.

Remember, remember the 5th 7th of November




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