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8 Extremely Unique Housewarming Gifts To Buy For A Friend

8 Extremely Unique Housewarming Gifts To Buy For A Friend

We’ve spent some time scouring the web to find the best unique housewarming gifts online for you to give to your friends or family. Forget your spatulas, toasters and plungers; we’re looking to bring something different to new movers this Christmas with extra-special personalised gift ideas. Here’s the best of what we found:

A Jigsaw Puzzle of the Local Area

You simply send off the postcode of your new-mover’s address and postcode and they’re provided with a custom jigsaw in either 255 or 400 piece sets. Every single jigsaw is unique with a house shaped icon in the chosen location. What better way could there be to learn the local area? 

Can be found here.

A Pair of Personalised Mugs

Easy, convenient and homely. Who doesn’t need a good cup of tea on move-in day? Personalised mugs add a touch of class to any new kitchen cupboard.

Can be found here.

Whether rooms or names, scrabble signs offer full word customisation and a bit of fun. We wonder if Xs, Qs and Zs cost more money!

Can be found here.

A hand-drawn, colourwash style house illustration is a beautiful looking gift for any new-mover. You can even incorporate details such as people, cars or pets to make it really personal. We think these would look fantastic in an entrance hall or stairway.

Can be found here.

Framed Paper Art

Another great wall-art option, these delicately created paper-art models are great housewarming gift sure to bring happy tears.

Can be found here.

 Co-ordinate cushions!

We’re a big fan of these cosy cushions. The only issue might be finding the co-ordinates! We found that Google Maps  is a good tool to use for this, simply find the destination on the map, right click and chose ‘What’s here’.

Can be found here.

An Aerial Photo

With the latest drone technology, local providers are able to fly a camera up into the sky and get some great shots of properties. Bonus tip: have the new residents wave from an upstairs windows or the back garden whilst the shots are being taken.

Framed Family Dolls

There’s no limit to people’s creative ability on the internet. These personalised pegdoll families offer a very unique option to families moving home. We’d love to see a pegdog or pegcat too!

Can be found here.

Would you prefer to receive a personalised gift for your new home, flowers or something more practical?

Unique Housewarming Gifts

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