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Why I love working in Forest Row

Why I love working in Forest Row




Unlike so many other commuters who have to fight for a seat on a train or sit in hours of traffic jams every day my 10 to 15 minute commute takes me through part of the spectacularly beautiful Ashdown Forest. The drive home is even better; because as I start the approach downhill to my home village of Nutley the views are simply breathtaking. The trees are so many shades of green and blue, rows upon rows of them in the spring and summer and beautiful shades of yellow and gold in the autumn. Every day I consider at how lucky I am.



There are so many to choose from and I like to visit the nearest ones to the office. All of them sell freshly made coffee, some sell organic coffee but no matter where I buy my coffee I know it’s going to be hot and delicious and that starts my working day brilliantly.


The houses in Forest Row are so varied in style, size, décor, age and location no day is ever the same. I am passionate about selling property and I always get excited when I am invited into someone’s home to value it or to show it to a potential buyer. From the lovely two bedroom terraced houses behind our office to the large houses with stunning views over The Ashdown Forest and from the unique copper roofed houses near Michael Hall School to the classic Sussex style cottages, it is a privilege to be asked to sell them.


Veasey & Sons

Veasey & Sons, where Ron buys his fish

There is an eclectic collection of shops in this wonderful village. If you don’t drive you really don’t have to worry because you have everything you need right here on your doorstep. There is a local fish shop which sells freshly caught fish, a farm for meat, two small supermarkets, a bakery, clothes shops and a pharmacy, amongst others. It is better than most high streets nowadays, I can literally pop out of the office and pick up anything I need. Don’t forget the organic shop and natural health shop.


How about doing hot yoga, pilates or join a gym? You can if you want? Personally, I love walking across the forest, Sharon is a regular gym goer and Dom plays golf, all can be done here. I enjoy the food and the ambience in the cafes and restaurants, from about 12pm onwards if I step out if the back door of the office the aromas coming from the Portuguese restaurant next door are so scrumptious you can almost taste the dishes.

Every year there is a panto, “oh yes there is!” There are plays and a cinema club, barn dances and bands playing at the pub. It is amazing.




Last but by no means least the wonderful people of Forest Row. I have been here less than a year and I already feel like part of the community. I now understand why people who leave Forest Row come back to settle down and bring up their families. Everyone knows everyone and people are really willing to put themselves out for their neighbours. It is usual for people to cook meals for those that have just had a new born or who are ill. It has a true village feel to it.

The children all know each other and are comfortable with others from different year groups and schools. All the kids that I have met at schools and events are polite and engaging; something that families here should be proud of.

There is nothing better than strolling to the shops saying “Hello” to people you see on the way and know. Some of us pop out of the office for just one thing and end up engaging in conversation with several people on the way, only to return half an hour later.

Everyone should live here, but then I am most definitely biased.

Ron Gibson,
Associate Partner,
Howard Cundey Forest Row



Featured photo – N Chadwick Used under Creative Commons