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Welcome to the Nomad Campaign – our new initiative to support the conservation of animal species from all over the World whose natural habitats are threatened.

We live in a changing world – one in which humans have had a huge impact on our planet through hundreds of years of industrial development, urban expansion and air pollution. It is now the responsibility of us as humans to help protect those environments and species that have suffered as a result.

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At Howard Cundey we have always been committed to supporting charities, whether through the local communities that we serve or in raising money for national campaigns. We have launched the Nomad Campaign to support 9 different endangered animal species by helping to educate people about their plight and raising money for the World Wildlife Fund. Each of our branches has chosen an animal to sponsor, and we have a range of activities running throughout the year to engage young and old alike, including posters, stickers to collect, postcards and fun facts!

Just like the journey of Howard the fish – from bag, to bowl, to tank – these beautiful animals all make journeys of their own throughout their lives, many due to the fact that life in their natural habitat is no longer sustainable.

At Howard Cundey each branch has enjoyed getting to know the species that they are supporting, and we hope you will too! It is only by understanding these animals, that we can hope to conserve nature and reduce the threats facing the diversity of life on Earth.

If you’d like to support our initiative, please visit your local branch – or to donate to the WWF, please visit